Your Instructor

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I’m Emily Fox, and I am passionate about helping individuals and couples of all kinds discover their enjoyment of dance. For over a decade I've taught social dance to people of all ages and abilities at venues in Western MA, including Paradise Dance, Dance Northampton, Greenfield Community College, the Hartsbrook School, and at my studio in Florence, MA. Humor and patience are my hallmarks, and I specialize in working with people with limited dance experience.  

In my dance and martial arts studies I’ve been fortunate to have excellent instructors who have taught me how important it is to have a kind, caring, and knowledgeable teacher. I strive to emulate them in every lesson. Having worked in adult education, I incorporate techniques designed to reach students in many ways, including demonstrating steps, dancing with students, verbal cueing, giving tactile feedback, and providing written handouts.  I have observed my students not only develop their ability to dance, but also gain pride and confidence in learning a new skill that connects them with family, friends, and the larger dance community.


Wedding Dance in a Flash!™


Odds are, one or both of the wedding couple have never danced with a partner, much less in front of an audience. Alone. For three of the longest minutes of their lives. Who wouldn’t be nervous? It’s understandable that for some people, the first dance is something to be avoided, or at best endured. Yet with a minimal investment of effort, it’s easy to learn a few steps and skills that transform those three minutes into a cherished memory.

Now imagine this: you walk onto the dance floor in a polished manner, commanding the attention of your friends and relatives. As the music plays, you move comfortably through a series of dance steps, enjoying the connection with your spouse. You relax, enjoy yourself, and can even get back on track if not all goes as planned. The final dip is the photo op of your dreams!